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PA Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Below are some basic things you should know before you consult PA Malpractice lawyers or choose a PA Medical Malpractice law firm to represent you. We hope you find this information helpful. If you have more questions, feel free to contact Powell Law Pennsylvania Malpractice Lawyers for a FREE, no-obligation consultation about your PA Medical Malpractice case.

What is PA medical malpractice?

PA Medical malpractice is responsible for the deaths of as many as 98,000 patients every year in U.S. hospitals. Medical malpractice occurs when the care given by a doctor, nurse, hospital or other health-care provider falls below the acceptable standard of care set forth by the medical profession. In some of those cases, a malpractice lawsuit can be filed if the evidence shows the provider or providers were negligent and that negligence caused injury to the patient. Pennsylvania malpractice attorneys are required to have board-certified experts in each area of specialty involved review the case and provide “certificates of merit” before a case can be filed.

Victims of medical negligence can sue for monetary losses such as past and future wages or medical bills, but can also seek compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress, psychological trauma and loss of life’s pleasures, among other things.

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